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The founding members of the SRDMH


The idea of researching and disseminating Haitian classical music and bearing witness to the Haitian ethno-musical heritage was born in 1975 from a vision of:


  • Claude Dauphin, musicologist

  • Robert Durand, composer

  • Frank Fouche, playwright


This vision materialized on July 5, 1977 with the founding of the Society for the Research and Dissemination of Haitian Music (SRDMH), with the participation of composersCarmen BrouardAndEdward Woolley, as well asPaul Serres,Joseph Augustine,Pierre St-AmandAndWilly Apollo.


The first Board of Directors consisted of:Carmen Brouard,Claude Dauphin,Jacqueline FoucheAndEdouard Rousseau.

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