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Support Haitian Classical Music


SRDMH is able to fund itself exclusively from its activities and its members’ contributions. As a member of SRDMH, your support is crucial to the Society's activities.

Membership Categories
  • Regular: One who supports the activities of the SRDMH and contributes to sustain the association with an annual membership fee of $50. Student contribution is $40 upon recent proof of student status.

  • Member of the Society: Member who participates steadily in the Society’s activities and supports the association with a substantial annual membership fee of $75.

  • Honorary Member of the Society: Member who shares deeply the ideals of the SRDMH and supports the association with an exceptional annual membership fee of $125 or more.


  • The membership fee is annual and renewable after the date of the purchase

  • Unless instructed otherwise, the names of the "members" and "honorary members" will be displayed on our website. See the "Members" page

  • No refund

Payment Options

Except for students who need to subscribe by mail with proof of student status.

Buy: single payment by credit card or PayPal.

Subscribe: PayPal payment only, automatically renewed each year on the anniversary date. You can cancel your subscription at any time on your Paypal account.

  • Online (recommended)

Regular $50 (1 year)

Member of the Society $75 (1 year)

Honorary member of the Society $125  or more* (1 year)


* For an amount greater than $125, please refer to the "Donation" option

** Unless you instruct us otherwise by e-mail, the corresponding status (Regular: between $50 and $74, Member of the Society: between $75 and $125, Honorary Member of the Society: $125 or more) is automatically assigned. Single payment, no minimum amount.

  • By mail (payment by check)

  1. Download the membership application form (in french)

  2. Print and fill out the form

  3. Enclose your check with the form

  4. Mail the form and the check to the adress indicated on the form

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